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About me

Marketing isn’t what it was 20 years ago. Back then, it spread out wide but stayed shallow. Now, it’s narrow but goes deep. It’s about finding spots where customers look for you and making those spots truly yours.

This belief has spurred me to do good work as Lead of Marketing with Uplers, VP of Marketing & Sales with Webential, start my design and branding agency – SeekThem, and help my first client – Travelodeal – as their Fractional CMO.

As your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I will bring this belief, a catalog of high-octane ideas, and enough energy to make you love your Monday catchups with me. 

Let’s think together. Let’s build something great, fast.

Solutions as a Fractional CMO

I’ll map out a clear path for your brand to grow. We’ll find those key spots where your customers are and make sure you shine there.
Digital channel optimization
From search engines to social media, I’ll fine-tune your online presence. We’ll make sure you’re seen and heard where it matters most.
In a crowded market, I’ll help your brand stand tall. We’ll carve out a unique space just for you, making sure you’re the first choice for customers.
Marketing team assembly
Need the right people? I’ll help build a strong marketing team for you. Together, we’ll ensure every role is filled with talent that drives results.
Using insights and numbers, I’ll craft strategies that work. We’ll know what’s working, what’s not, and where to steer next.
Fractional CMO
My fractional CMO services are about getting you affordable marketing leadership without the full-time commitment. I’ll step in, guide your strategy, and ensure you’re on the path to success.

How I work

Every brand has a story. I start by hearing yours. Understanding your goals, challenges, and dreams helps me tailor strategies just for you.
I dive deep into data. By studying your market, competitors, and audience, I get a clear picture of where you stand and where we need to go.
With insights in hand, I craft a clear roadmap. This plan will guide us, ensuring the executive team does what’s important, and move your brand closer to its goals.
I’m not just a strategist; I’m a doer. Whether it’s optimizing a campaign or guiding your team, I’m there, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
Communication is key. We’ll have regular chats to discuss progress, address any concerns, and make sure we’re always on the same page.
The marketing world changes fast. I keep an eye on trends and feedback, ready to tweak our strategy if needed. This way, my fractional CMO services keep you stay ahead and growing.

Why hire me?

Proven track
I’ve walked the path of growth with many brands. From leading digital agencies to launching SeekThem, my experience has prepared me for this role.
Quick &
In the fast-paced world of marketing, I believe in swift action. With me, you get strategies that not only work but also deliver results quickly.
This isn’t just a job for me. I invest personally in your success. Your wins are my wins, and I’m as committed to your brand as you are.
Marketing landscapes shift. I stay updated, ensuring that the strategies I offer are always in line with the latest trends and best practices.
Get the leadership and expertise of a Chief Marketing Officer without the full-time price tag. It’s about quality guidance that’s budget-friendly.
No jargon, no runarounds. With me, you get clear, straightforward communication. I believe in keeping things transparent and easy to understand.




Ossm.Design marks my latest venture, centered around subscription-based design services. My primary objective is to efficiently handle design tasks at scale, providing businesses with the freedom to explore limitless opportunities in branding. Through this subscription model, I aim to offer a seamless and expansive approach to design, empowering businesses to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled branding success.


Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

My team was working on a project to revamp the user experience on That’s when the CEO told me they wanted to hire a fractional CMO. For me, that was a perfect fit. The project was to rebrand Travelodeal as a modern, affordable travel services company. It wasn’t just about making it look good, but ensuring it catered to the evolving needs of modern travelers. The result was a platform that not only looks great but also drives user engagement and business growth.



At SeekThem, I lead a team that’s passionate about driving business growth through design. Here are a few projects I’m particularly proud of:

Hubco Global: Rebranding is always a challenge, but with Hubco Global, I saw an opportunity. My team and I reimagined their brand identity, crafting a new logo and website. The transformation was more than skin-deep, positioning Hubco Global for greater market recognition and expansion.

Doffay Car Rental: Branding is close to my heart, and with Doffay Car Rental, we created a logo and brand identity that’s both stylish and impactful. A strong brand identity does more than just look good; it builds trust and paves the way for business growth.


VP, Marketing & Sales

At Webential, I embraced a forward-thinking approach to both sales and marketing. Here’s a standout project:

Webential’s Digital Transformation: Recognizing the evolving digital landscape, I led a team to overhaul Webential’s online presence. We didn’t just update the website; we redefined our digital strategy. The result was a surge in online visibility, leading to increased client engagement and substantial business growth.


Brand Marketing Lead

Uplers was a journey of collaboration and innovation. Here’s my most memorable phase.

Uplers’ Brand Evolution: Leading a multidisciplinary team, I championed a project to strengthen Uplers’ brand presence. We revamped our content strategy, optimized SEO and PPC campaigns, and ensured our website struck the perfect balance between style and functionality. This holistic approach led to a consistent increase in inbound traffic and, more importantly, a boost in conversions and business growth.


Need expert advice on a particular challenge or strategy? I’m available for hourly consultations.
For businesses that need ongoing guidance. This includes regular check-ins, strategy tweaks, and performance reviews.
Prices can be tailored based on the specific needs and scale of your business. I’m committed to providing value, and we can work together to find a pricing model that suits both of us.


The cost of hiring a fractional Chief Marketing Officer can vary based on the scope of work, the specific needs of your business, and the duration of the engagement. My pricing model is flexible, and I offer various packages to cater to different requirements. Please refer to the Pricing Model section for a detailed breakdown or get in touch for a customized quote.
A fractional CMO is an ideal choice when:
  • Your business is in a growth phase but isn’t ready for a full-time CMO.
  • You need strategic marketing leadership without long-term commitment.
  • You’re looking for expertise to guide your existing marketing team.
  • You want to optimize your marketing budget and get expert guidance without the full-time salary expense.
If you’re looking for experienced marketing leadership to drive growth, but aren’t in a position to onboard a full-time CMO, then yes! A Fractional CMO brings expertise, flexibility, and a fresh perspective, all while being cost-effective.
As a Fractional CMO, I work closely with your team, understanding your business goals and challenges. I then craft and implement strategic marketing plans tailored to your needs. My approach is hands-on, ensuring that strategies are executed effectively. Regular check-ins and updates ensure we’re always aligned and moving toward your business objectives.
A fractional CMO for startups is no different from hiring an FCMO for an established business. The duration of a fractional CMO for startups engagement can vary based on your needs. Some startups opt for a few months to steer a specific project or campaign, while others prefer a longer-term partnership spanning several months or even years. I offer flexible engagement models to suit your unique requirements.
Choosing me over a fractional CMO agency ensures personalized dedication. Direct communication is very important. Agencies are prone to falling back on old strategies. I’ll tailor a strategy to your business. Cost-effectiveness is the key for me, and a lean process helps me achieve it. You get all this without the overheads of a larger fractional CMO agency.
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